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The telephone answering service industry has matured greatly in communications technology and sophisticated consumers within the last several years. Bureaus now must face the realization that they are already in a niche market for the consumer who requires live operator services. With competition from virtually every angle, only the best service will keep the consumer happy and loyal. While most bureaus in the industry certainly provide good service, we are searching for that vital element which goes beyond the rest. The cut above will be rewarded with our coveted Award of Excellence. Here is how we determine that level of perfection.

Service in Excellence

Excellence in our industry is defined by the level of service provided to each and every caller. Every aspect of the call is handled with exceptional quality and clarity no matter the urgency. When dealing with our telephone service representatives, the callers believe that they are the top priority; whether they are a patient attempting to reach a physician for a medical emergency, a grieving family member needing the immediate attention of a funeral director, or an elderly customer whose furnace has just stopped working on the coldest day of the year. Our operators always take the time to satisfy all of the callers’ needs and absolutely never make them feel as though they are too busy to assist them with their problems.


This program was designed as a measure of quality control. However, the success of the program has not been based on "winning" the Award of Excellence. If unsuccessful in achieving an 80% overall average score:


  • it is a chance to regroup and resolve problem areas
  • each participant receives evaluation sheets and an audio tape of calls which are the best tools to establish areas in need of attention
  • management and staff rally together to improve overall performance in the best interest of the clients


Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. Earns Industry Certification

We are very excited to announce that  Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. has earned the 24 / 7 Call Center Certification Gold Award by the Association of TeleServices, International (ATSI).  The site certification program focuses on a call center's ability to maintain 99.99% Annual Run-Time.


Our dedicated team has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Certification Committee and site inspector a high level of proficiency in recovery techniques, good business practices, documentation of procedures, and levels of redundancy necessary for 24 / 7 preparedness.
The Gold Level Certification indicates that Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. has not only met, but exceeded a collection of 60+ best practices and guidelines that our industry should adhere to.  Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. is only the 34th call center in North America to achieve this certification.


The program was started in Canada in 1989 and has been slightly modified every year since to remain relevant to our changing industry. ATSI adopted the program as a member service in 1995 with great success. Over 20,000 calls have been made to many participating companies yielding many winners.